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High Quality Standards

A Better Bugman only uses the best pesticides, and we don’t stop until your problem is resolved. With 40+ years of experience in the pest control industry, we have been providing Fort Myers and greater Southwest Florida with advanced pest control solutions for decades.

Educated & Experienced Team

With over 40 years in the industry and lifetime of living in Florida, we are the Fort Myers pest control experts. From rats to roaches, we protect your home — inside and out — from Southwest Florida pests of all kinds.

Advanced Pest Control Solutions

We offer modern pest control products and services with a hometown feel. As Southwest Florida’s premier pest control company, we understand that when you’re living in Florida, pest control is not a luxury — it’s a necessity. Keep all the critters outside where they belong with a Better Bugman.

Comprehensive Pest Inspections

A Better Bugman knows how important it is to protect not just the inside of your home but also the exterior. During our visits we will look for pest problems and conditions that could be conducive for pest problems to occur and report our findings or recommendations to you. 

Our Services

Dead Roach

Insect Treatments

Southwest Florida is a subtropical oasis, and the bugs agree! Keep them where they belong with advanced bug treatments that specifically target pests commonly found in SW Florida. Ants, gnats, and roaches won’t stand a chance.

Mosquito Control

Florida life is paradise, until you get bit by a bunch of mosquitoes, or no-see-ums! Sit outside in comfort knowing you won’t wake up with a bunch of bites. Talk to us about state-of-the-art mosquito control for your SWFL home today.

Spider Program

The itsy bitsy spider isn’t the only kind of spider that lives in SWFL! The black widow and the brown recluse are some of the most common house spiders found in Florida homes. Keep your Florida home safe and spider-free. Learn about our new spider program now.
Rat Damage to Door

Rodent Eradication

Everybody loves life in Florida – even rats and rodents! From the roof rat to the wood rat and the common brown rat, a Better Bugman is your go-to for SWFL rat eradication. Protect your Florida home now. Ask us about rat removal and population management today.

Professional & Courteous Technicians

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Why Work With Us

Man Spraying Yard

Over 40 years of experience

Protecting SWFL from pests since 1984

We have been perfecting our advanced pest control system for decades so that we can protect all aspects of your SWFL home: the backyard, pool, lanai, walls, wood, roof, interior, and more. We are your best option for pest control in the Southwest Florida area.

Pest Control Window Sprayer

Modern pest control solutions

State-of-the-art pest control services in Southwest Florida

We use the best pesticides while keeping your family in mind. Our pest control formulas are safe for pets, and they’re environmentally friendly (fact check). A Better Bugman stays up to date on new advances in the industry so that your pest treatments are top tier.

Pest Control Specialist

Professional team

The best pest control company in SWFL

With 40+ years of our experience, we pride ourselves on being pest control experts in Southwest Florida. Our industry knowledge combined with our extensive experience with SWFL pests makes us your first choice for all your pest control needs.


I have used a Better Bugman for years now. Dependable service and quality exterminator results. I would recommend ABB to anyone seeking an exterminator for their home.

Laura S

Takes care of our pest control. Rarely ever see insects inside, and rarely a problem even outside eating bushes. Excellent company, honest, attentive, very competent and easy to work with.

Deborah D

So easy to work with, especially from across the country. They had the best prices and the best customer service. We would recommend them to anyone!

Allison G

A Better Bugman came out quickly to my home when I was experiencing an issue eith ants. They did an extremely thorough job and I have not seen any ants or bugs since. They took extra care around our home with my pets and aquarium.

Chris M

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