Building A Better Mousetrap

January 19, 2010 by · 1 Comment 

Do you hear noises in your attic at night? Scratching, chewing, or the pittar patter of little feet over your head? Don’t worry, your house isn’t haunted. You probably just have rats!

Okay, now that you are ready to move, all is not lost. Hang up the phone with the realtor. A rodent infestation is a serious problem but it CAN be solved.

A successful rodent control program is more than just setting a few traps and watching the ensuing carnage. A rodent program should be handled by a pest control professional, but here are some key features of a good rodent control program.

  • A thorough inspection. Where are they getting in? What conditions are conducive for the infestation to continue or get worse.
  • Set up a baiting program to reduce the population and keep them in check.
  • Trap the little vermin! Eliminate as many individuals as possible via snap traps, glue boards, or multi-catch traps.
  • Exclusion is the most crucial step in preventing re-infestation. Prevent them from re-entering the structure.
  • Trees, bushes, or heavy foliage should be trimmed or removed around the structure. These provide safe harbor and/or access to the structure.
  • Continue trapping and baiting to monitor the current infestation and prevent future infestations from occuring.

Adhering to the steps will make for a successful rodent control program.