Initial Service

A Better Bugman will provide a comprehensive inspection and treatment of your entire home inside and out. The initial service is very important because it lays the foundation for the entire program.

We inspect and / or treat the attic using either an insecticide dust or bait formulation specifically designed for long lasting protection from insects.

We inspect and / or treat the interior of your home including an application of a long lasting insecticide dust in the void spaces under your cabinets and around plumbing access points. Residual insecticide will be carefully applied at the points of entry into your home such as doors and windows.

Concerned about chemicals inside your home?

A Better Bugman can substitute baits for the interior or eliminate the interior part of the service all together. Insect control can be achieved by exterior perimeter treatments alone if you would prefer.

We’ll perform an inspection and treatment of the exterior of your home using a long lasting residual insecticide of all points of entry, the foundation and the eaves. A Better Bugman will then sweep the eaves of your home to eliminate spider webs and wasp nests. Finally, a granular or liquid residual insecticide will be applied to the perimeter of your home extending up to five feet out to help stop the bugs before they ever get in!

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